The Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS) database contains 85,000 records describing publications and research projects about northern Canada and the circumpolar Arctic. ASTIS covers all subjects including the earth sciences, the biological and health sciences, engineering and technology, the social sciences, traditional knowledge, history, and literature. The database includes both peer-reviewed and grey literature and covers the three territories, the northern parts of seven provinces and the adjacent marine areas. ASTIS records contain abstracts, detailed subject and geographic indexing terms, and links to 24,000 online publications.

ASTIS also maintains subset databases that provide selected records and background information for specific regions, subjects, or projects. All of the records in the subset databases are also available in the main ASTIS database.

ASTIS is working to improve its coverage of publications from the following sources. (See the Project menu of the KLRS Bibliography for projects based at Kluane.) We may be able to create searchable publication databases for these projects in the future, but for now we are making available these incomplete lists of citations: Devon Island Research Station (DIRS), Mackenzie GEWEX Study (MAGS), Polar Continental Shelf Program Contributions, Antarctic Publications by Canadian Authors. All of the 4,500 publications on the AINA Publications Server are available through ASTIS.