Matthew Ayre- Climate Detective, Shipwrecks and Arctic Exploration

Dr. Matthew Ayre is a Climate Detective (or more officially a Historical Climatologist) at the Arctic Institute of North America and uses 200 year old documents surviving from the Arctic whaling trade to look back at the Arctic climate. The last 50 years has seen the Arctic warm faster than any other planet! But has it always been like this? How quickly has it changed?

Join Dr. Ayre to delve into the Arctic whaling voyages of 200 years ago and take look at the Arctic through the eyes of the sailors who once ventured through these icy waters.

INTERACT- Seminar Series

The INTERACT Stories of the Arctic Science and Stations, is starting up on May 12th at 14-15 CEST, (06:00 MST). 

Join in to hear captivating stories about Arctic research stations and science done at them with support from INTERACT Trans-National Access!

Each webinar consists of two 30 min popular science presentations, and they are open for everyone.

Link to the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/793501200


Mike Moloney Arctic Exploration and Shipwreck Discovery

Michael Moloney - Arctic Exploration and Shipwreck Discovery!

Join Dr. Michael Moloney of the Arctic Institute of North America as he shares his story of Arctic Exploration in pursuit of a lost whaling vessel in one of the most remote regions of the planet! He'll share the story of the lost Nova Zembla and how he and his team used a wide range of historical techniques to uncover and showcase this awesome piece of maritime history.

Beakerhead - Stone Lab


Soapstone is metamorphic rock composed essentially of talc and varying amounts of mineral impurities. What does that mean? Find out about the history and geology of soapstone during Stone Lab, a two-hour carving workshop hosted by the Arctic Institute of North America.

Arctic on the Edge

We hope you can join us for Arctic on the Edge - Friday, September 27, 2019 - MacEwan Ballroom, University of Calgary.

This is a one-day symposium on business, policy and research in the Arctic. 

Final Program

This free event will include:

  • lightning talks
  • Panel discussions
  • Posters session
  • Networking opportunities

Poster submissions are closed.

Thank you to those who registered.  Registration is now closed. 




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